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The Management Consulting Business

I spent 20 years in the Management Consulting industry working for firms that varied from ’boutique’ operations to local companies that have grown significantly over time. Here are some of my stories that have been influenced by my time in consulting. I hope they help you learn as well as dispel some of the myths that exist about the industry.

7 Key Elements of Quality Proposals

Closing professional services deals often hinges on the quality of a proposal and a firm’s ability to articulate how they will help a client. In many cases, deals fall apart due to poor planning and preparation in the proposal phase. Here are 7 key things to include in your next proposal that will help you seal the deal.

Become a Walking CRM System

Feeling like a stranger among people you’ve just met or even those you’ve seen many times before? Want to remember key details about your clients and build better relationships? Become a ‘Walking CRM System’ by asking the right questions. A new story by Jason Price in The Thirsty Dog Blog.

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