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About The Author – Jason Price

I’m Jason Price and I’ve spent nearly 20 years working both domestically in the US and abroad.  I’ve primarily focused in the Management Consulting industry across a broad variety of clientele.  I’ve lived in 3 countries, worked in 13, and traveled to over 25.  During this time I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people and encounter the interesting, enlightening and sometimes bizarre – all while seeking out some pretty amazing food, travel, business and cultural experiences.

The Thirsty Dog Blog is my medium to share my experiences and insights with you as the journey continues.  I’m also the author of The Hungry Dog Blog which focuses on food, farming and eating locally in and around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

I live in Seattle with my two children.  Above all else, I enjoy the art of the deal, learning about and helping people, spending time with my family and exploring the world.  I’m an amateur chef, aspiring author, entrepreneur, budding existentialist and an urban forager.

About The Thirsty Dog Blog

The Thirsty Dog Blog is written by Jason Price and focuses on one’s thirst for knowledge, experience, and exploring what the world has to offer.  It’s written in a ‘pull no punches’, sometimes irreverent style.  The intent is to provide keen insight and perspective on the topics at hand without glossing over anything in the process.  Think Huffington Post meets Anthony Bourdain with a touch of Hunter S. Thompson thrown in for good measure.

The blog covers a broad range of topics including: the Management Consulting industry from both the Consultant and Client perspective, Industry Trends and insights, and other relative topics.  From time to time we will post Featured topics and posts from guest Bloggers as well.  Hopefully we’ll all learn something interesting throughout this process and enlighten one another.